It’s the years when the effects of the coup d’etat of September 12th is fully felt. Leftist and rightist young people have been thrown into the Mamak prison, torture is continuing. Our story starts when Yılmaz who is a revolutionist journalist and nationalist Selçuk end up in the same cell. Selçuk and Yılmaz slowly open up to each other and they get to see that their goals are the same but the methods differ. The friendship and brotherhood between them improves with confrontations inside. Selçuk’s friends, Kemal and Cengiz begin to like Yılmaz too and they have taken him under their wings. After Selçuk and Yılmaz are released from prison, leftist organizations and some interest groups within the state, go after Yılmaz because he is in posession of some confidential and very important documents. Selçuk’s friend Kemal,  takes Yılmaz under his wings and protects him. Thus a pursuit story begins. Meanwhile some foreign rooted individuals who are organized within the state, want to use nationalists that are released from prison as some kind of armed forces, using their contact Bekir. The same people are in cooperation with a leftist revolutionary organizations. They want Kemal to join their ranks and get to his weapon power and the documents in posession of Yılmaz. Kemal falls foul with these people who want him on their side and so a conflict begins. Kemal tries to protect Yılmaz and at the same time Selçuk, who has to go on the run because of another arrest order. At the time when conflicts are on the rise, Kemal is martyred by the men of foreign powers within the state organization. Selçuk is cornered. He’s both chased by the police and the leftist organization. Selçuk goes on the run. He leaves Ankara thanks to some nationalist bureucrats. He goes to Tarsus, to Cengiz. But Bekir and his men are hiding in Tarsus as well, to let things cool down a bit because they are being given a hard time. Cengiz and his father Celal who used to be a former organization member, and a few more old schools start to protect Selçuk. But the leftist organization finds Selçuk’s trace. The leader of the leftist organization comes to Bekir, asks for his help and tells Bekir about Celal and Cengiz. Bekir who knows Celal from years back tells the leftist organization leader that he’ll take care of this and sends him away.Things are getting out of hand, Selçuk is abducted by Bekir’s men. They try to get to the documents by torturing him. Selçuk won’t talk. But Bekir figures out that the documents are hidden by Celal and asks Celal for them. But Celal who refuses the documents entrusted to him. Cengiz and his crew perform a raid to rescue Selçuk. Selçuk is saved but three old schools give their lives for it. At the funeral the police arrests Cengiz. Selçuk takes the road to Ankara, to hand over the documents.