1980, military coup…Very complicated and rough times for the country... The story of a blind but most real love, shrouded in innocence, under the shadow of the military coup…Yusuf is slightly disabled from birth. He doesn’t understand politics, his only goal is to sell baggles at the entrance of the university and bring home bread to his mother.Yusuf gets his share of the chaos caused by the coup, when he opens his eyes the world he knows is no more and his life will turn a different direction. After what he goes through, Yusuf has become almost a half person. He is transferred to a mental rehabilitation clinic of those days. Menekşe has been at this hospital for a long time and she faces the remains of the scars of her past. Yusuf meets Menekşe who undergoes rehab in the same hospital and they both get acquainted unconciously with love, which is an unknown feeling for them and they both get reborn. The story will unfold by showing the power of love which grows under impossible circumstances.There are various patients at the hospital with colorful characters and you are going to witness the sad, real and sometimes hilarious worlds of them. Maybe we’ll feel these worlds in us for a short time.The story of Unconscious Love is not just a movie about love. This project, besides being a psychological movie, gets us to feel the system and realities of those days and takes us on a sad trip in history. Yusuf and Menekşe’s story is like a novel that will bring a lump to our throat... It is the touching story of interrupted people with a realistic narration, inside a circle of love, struggle, loyalty, faithfulness and psychological trauma...


Regisseur: Umut Ertek
Producer: Orhan Şeddatlı
Line Producer: Erdal Duman
Production Executive:Özlem Şeddatlı
Co Producer: Cağri Bulut & Metin Tikik
Production Company: Şeddadi Yapım
Music: Yıldıray Gürgen
Director of Photography: Sami Saydan
Art Director: Sedat Pala
Voice/sound: Orçun Sütçü
Writer: Umut Ertek
Kostüm/Make Up: Sema & Burçin Dağ
Editor: Sait Ali Demir


İsmail Hacıoğlu
Ebru Şahin
Burcu Kara
Tuncer Salman
Ruhi Sarı
Volga Sorgu
Seher Terzi
Ayşegül Günay
Emir Çiçek
Ali Buhara Mete
Erdal Ayda
Emir Benderlioğlu
Erdal Ayna
Demet Oran
Ayşen Batıgün
Cansu Fırıncı
Aslı Hür
Çağlar Aksu
Ayhan Anıl
Zafer Altun
Hüseyin Tuncel
Orçun Düzgün