Siccin 5 tells the story of a family who returned to their nightmare after the ceremonythat took place years ago. Hale is a young girl 12 years old living in a historic house inNevşehir with her family. Hale can not communicate with people because of her differentappearance and strange behaviors. She shares her motherhood with her grandmother,Azra, whose mental balances are going bad and her old and terrifying house she lives in.Hale's father disappeared before he was born, and never heard from him again. But thehorrible nightmare that Hale sees one night will change all the balances. In his dream,he sees his father, whom he has never seen, invited him to an old, uncanny house. Herfather's house is the old house in Hale's grandfather's Karain Village. This house wasthe place where a forbidden ceremony took place years ago. After this fortune, Halestarts to change in a frightening way. The changes in the character of the young girl arefrightening for the whole household. However, the youngest girls are the ones who sufferthe most from Azra and Azra's boyfriend Selim. Alper Mestci once again directed theproduction, which is the fifth continuation ring of Siccin Film


Produced by:Muhteşem Film
Producer:Muhteşem Tözüm
Director:Alper Mestçi
Casts:Rüya Önal, Merve Ateş, Özgür Hacıer, Ece Koroğlu, Ece Edibe Baykal, Pınar Gülkapan, Tuncay Çağıl
Scenarist:Alper Mestçi
Cinematographer:Eren Nayir
Music Director:Reşit Gözdamla
Art Director:Gamze Yılmaz
Director of Editing:Okan Saul
Costumer:Esengül Sezgin
Sound Design:Meriç Erseçgen
Make Up Artist:Alev Ünal