It all began when Special Forces Commander Turan, started to work with Blackwater officer Falkon in Kirkuk.Turan rescued a Turkmen girl who was abducted by Falkon, but when he went home to see his sick wife and daughter, he ended up in prison.Turan got out of prison years later and returned to his hometown with his daughter Aybüke.But the barons of chaos would not sit idle. They launched a big plan aimed at Turkey and put Falkon in charge of it.Turan put up a fight to stop Falkon’s heinous siege plan and at the same time tried to protect his daughter.You will be constantly on the edge as you watch « Siege », full of thrill and action.


Regisseur:                                                         Utku Uçar
Production Company:                                       Küsena Yapim
Director of Photography:                                  Mustafa Kuşçu
Writer                                                                Ahmet Şafak
Editor                                                                Mustafa Murat Çelik

Cast & Crew                                                                     

Ahmet Şafak
Fulden Akyürek
Özcan Varaylı
Sefa Zengin
Aslı Atıl
Mehmet Tokat
Çağatay Akman
Can Beslen