All they wanted was to return to their homeland!The lives of Mehmet, an ice-cream man, and Ali, a cameleer, who have been living in a small town in Australia as sharing the same fate during the World War I, have changed drastically when the war broke out.When the country, where they live and love, has declared war against the country they were born, they decide to join the war and fight for the country they were born. A dream of voyage to Çanakkale has been in their minds now.In a setting where people were divided as anti-war and warmonger and where people, who were neighbors once, show a distrustful hostility against each other, the two crazy Turks realize that they will not be able to find a safe passage to Çanakkale. Now, they are left with only one choice, to fight where they are, in Australia, for their homeland.


Production Company             Dijital Yapım Evi     
Producer                                Mustafa Uslu                         
Director                                  Can Ulkay          
Writer                                     Gürkan Tanyaş   
Co-Producer                          Çağlar Ercan
Music                                     Fahir Atakoğlu
Director of Photography        Peter Steuger
Art Director                            Soydan Kuş         
Editor                                     Mustafa Presheva


Ali Atay - Erkan Kolçak Köstendil - Şebnem Bozoklu - Will Thorp - Marleen Mathews - Caner Kurtaran - 
Tristan Alexander - James Farley - Alma Terziç - Carl Wharton


Guest Star:
İsmail Hacıoğlu